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A palette of "Cornforth White" combined with "Downpipe" offers the client a timeless kitchen which is bathed in sunlight.
Here, cascading light is restrained by the coolness of "Elephant's Breath".     The palette of colours used here are sympathetic to the needs of this living space.
The tone of this kitchen is set by using "Joa's White, and the introduction of Polished Oak Inserts are a pleasing combination in these shaker style cabinets.
The charm of this kitchen is in it's sophisticated colour scheme using
"Manor House Gray"  and  "Ammonite",  which sits comfortably on a light wood floor.
The neutral colours in this kitchen are monopolised by "Slipper Satin" in this classic  "Arts & Craft kitchen"  which is complemented by the comfortable living space.
This "Cucina Design" is inspired using an Italian influence.   The Hand Painted Tiles  from Perugia perfectly complement the traditional neutral
"Lime White", combined with a striking "Stone Blue" island.
This combination is echoed and inspired by this client's passion for all things classical, as can be seen by using "Stony Ground" and "Accents of Mahogany".


Cornforth White/Downpipe      Elephants Breath      Joa's White/Lamp Room Gray      Manor House/Amonite
Slipper Satin      Stone Blue/Lime White     Stoneground

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