At Reidy’s, we believe that kitchen design is about taking a fresh look at all aspects of the project, based on your desires and aspirations, while exploring functionality, feasibility and commonsense.Our emphasis has always been about quality, service and customer satisfaction and this is maintained throughout the project by our skilled and dedicated craftspeople and installation team.We are passionate about what we do and this is reflected in our portfolio of work.We aim to enhance our customer’s experience through an easy and relaxed service. There is no charge for an initial visit, discussion, design or estimate and we endeavour to accommodate all enquiries promptly.

Seamus Reidy

Our Guarantee

Renowned for exceptional service at every stage of the design, manufacture and installation process; Seamus Reidy’s dedicated team work tirelessly to ensure that each customer receives the very best experience. The number of people and organisations involved in bringing a project to fruition is vast and experience has shown us that having designated representatives from seamus reidy at each stage of the project ensures that the installations proceed in an organised, timely and smooth manner.

G E T   I N   T O U C H   W I T H   U S